Open Patella Knee Support

Open Patella Knee Support is great for knee ligament injuries and knee joint pain. Aid recovery with this knee support and help heal any joint problems. This neoprene Stabilising Knee Support is an ultra-comfortable hinge-free knee brace that provides comfort and support for injuries to the knee, ligaments and soft tissues around the knee joint.




  • Comfortable and lightweight for everyday use.
  • Breathable material for added comfort.
  • Adjustable straps for added security as you go through your day.
  • Open patella to reduce friction and increase mobility.
  • Provides support for cartilage injuries, mild arthritis and collateral knee ligament injuries.

Key Features


This knee support is known as a compression support so it fits tightly around your leg without cutting off circulation for maximum support.


One size fits all with this unisex knee support so no need to worry about the size you might need.


For people who want solid knee support but would prefer a less bulky support to go through their day with.


Latex free and made from Neoprene 65%,…