Tensoplast Elastic Adhesive Bandage


Tensoplast Elastic Adhesive Bandage – Support to Ankle, Knee, Wrist, and Shoulder



Tensoplast Elastic Adhesive Bandage (EAB) adheres securely to skin or can be used on top of pre-tape underwrap. Owing to high-quality manufacture it comes off the roll smoothly and conforms to the body part that is being taped, making it ideal for finishing tape jobs to protect ankles, knees, and wrists, as well as giving excellent support to joint sprains and sports injuries.
The slightly elastic properties of the fabric mean that it ‘gives’ a little during activity, making it ultra-comfortable.

Tensoplast Elastic Adhesive Bandage Features

  • 100% Cotton elastic substrate
  • Latex-free causes no latex induced allergic reactions
  • Soft cotton fabric that conforms readily to joint contours, like elbow, knee, and shoulders
  • Dry, feathered edge to provide a neat and comfortable application
  • High standard elasticity allows the support/compression to be varied during application in different situations
  • Porous construction, permitting the skin to breathe and moisture to pass-through
  • Constant unwinding tension: easy to apply, quick and easy removal by hand
  • The Colour thread in the middle of the bandage facilitates overlapping


Available in two sizes:

  • MD1402: 5cm x 4.5m
  • MD1403: 7.5cm x 4.5m

Please indicate size when ordering.