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Sciatica may or may not be accompanied by back pain. Sciatica is a condition where pain, weakness or altered sensation can be experienced in the buttock, hamstring, calf or foot due to irritation of the Sciatic nerve.
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Herniated discs occur most often in the lumbar spine (lower back) and are a frequent cause of back pain. This common back injury is sometimes referred to as a slipped disc’ but this is a crude description of what may happen.
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Facet syndrome can cause back pain either after a severe acute episode, such as a car crash or a hard fall or jolt, which traumatises the Facet joint. More often, Facet pain, or Facet Syndrome is chronic in nature – that is, the underlying cause is due to long term changes in the Facet joint that are often associated with repeated overuse, posture or load, which can lead to degenerative disc disease
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