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Sports medicine is a branch of medicine that deals with physical fitness and the treatment and prevention of injuries related to sports and exercise. It employs a multifaceted approach by ensuring physiotherapists, orthopedic, surgeons, nutritionists and podiatrists collaborate and consult to inform on the best management of an individual whether in sports or just an active one with pain or injury.

This platform was formed to help people get professional, reliable education and management of injuries and pain. In this era where there is a lot of information online on injury and pain management strategies we decided to offer a one stop trusted platform that provides reliable and credible information to help everyone whether an amateur or recreational sportsperson, professional sports persons, active individuals not involved in sporting and those living sedentary lifestyle. We hope to empower individuals who are suffering with pain to get the right information and management strategies. We have a blogs corner where we publish credible articles and information with unbiased views to empower our readers and clientele to make informed decisions. We provide comprehensive management of sports-related injuries and illnesses. These include acute and overuse injuries sustained while exercising as well as injuries and illnesses which affect an individuals’ ability to exercise or perform their sport.

We provide management of:

  • Overuse bone injuries/stress fractures
  • Exercise-related acute upper and lower limb bone injuries
  • Muscle injuries
  • Ligament injuries
  • Acute and overuse tendon injuries related to sports and exercise
  • Acute and overuse joint injuries related to sports and exercise
  • Injuries and illnesses which affect an ones ability to train or perform their sport
  • Sports concussion

Moving Forward


Appointments involve an initial assessment, including taking a full history, doing a physical examination and arranging/referring for appropriate investigations. Follow-up appointments are arranged to discuss the results of investigations and to plan treatment, which may include:

  • Exercise load modification
  • Targeted exercise
  • Physiotherapy
  • Referral to podiatry, sports nutrition, sport psychology or other sports medicine discipline
  • Referral for injection therapy e.g. PRP or Steroid therapy
  • Referral to another medical specialty, including surgery

Further follow-up appointments are arranged, as needed, to follow progress. We consult and collaborate with senior orthopedic surgeons’ consultants in sports and exercise medicine which means they are uniquely qualified to understand the demands of sport and exercise and the special requirements for individuals to excel in their sport and exercise.


We offer online injury/pain consultation which involves detailed assessment through filing in electronic questionnaires and medical history to help in diagnosis and inform best treatment plan. We offer physiotherapy treatment with modern machines at our clinic as well as outdoor to sports clubs and sporting events. We consult with top orthopedic surgeons for cases that could require surgical intervention. We also help sportsperson and active individuals with recovery strategies to help body rejuvenate through ice compression machine and recovery boot.

We consult with performance/sports nutritionist to help those who need professional guidance on safe supplementation issues.

We also consult with best podiatrists to help clients in management of foot abnormality and recommend ideal inole/orthotics to use that help in pain management and rectify imbalance. Lastly we strive to offer pitch side/sports first aid in sporting events as well as provide on site injury management and pre competition injury screening and profiling.

We value patient/client satisfaction and positive outcomes as we always reevaluate our treatment plans and adapt to change progressively and effectively.

We work with recreational, amateur, professional and elite athletes from. We have experience working with all sports ranging from football to ballet, adventure to Olympic sports, youth athletes to masters as well as individual and team sports.

In summary we specialize in prevention, assessment, treatment and management of athletic and non athletic related injuries.

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